09-11-13: “After all, it’s been a dozen years.”

Just wait for it. It may take a while, but you will hear it. It will start as a whisper from one person to another and then a quiet opinion piece somewhere or a posting on a blog or social media site.

Those who say it will preface their comments with intellectual comments professing claims of “a need to accept the past as being in the past” or some vague reference to the validity of someĀ  conspiracy claims. Others will be more vocal and criticize our country. But make no mistake, they will keep on saying it trying to spread the word.

For any of the folks who start or continue this dialogue, I have a personal message. It is born of truth, strengthened by patriotism, and nurtured by my commitment to my values. My message contains only my thoughts, but I know that I am not alone for I hear the whispers of others who share my beliefs.

The message is simple: I will never forget the lives lost. I will never forget the blatant attack of our country, our way of life, and our principles. I will never forget the sight of those planes hitting our towers, the sight of LEOs and firefighters running toward danger while others ran for their lives, and the pictures of the ruins and wreckage in Washington, Pennsylvania and New York. I will never forget the spirit of our country awakened in the days following the attacks or the leadership shown by the patriots in our government. Finally, I will never forget the brave men and women of our military who kissed their families goodbye, traveled thousands of miles, to deliver a message to those responsible; many of whom did not return home or suffered life changing injuries.

A dozen years is not long enough for me to forget. After 9/11, I truly understood my 90 year old father’s anger and sadness when discussing the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is not about holding on to hate. It is about holding fast to my core beliefs and following the path set by my moral compass. Therefore, 100 years would not be enough time for me to forget.

So, do not whisper thoughts of “forgiveness” or “it’s time to move on” around me and keepĀ  your conspiracy theories to yourself. While you have the freedom to speak your mind, I am also guaranteed that right and you can expect not a solo voice in opposition but a chorus of patriots. Our voices will rise above any such cacophony of ignorance saying, “We will never forget.”

May God bless the first responders and our nation’s military forces as they keep us safe every day. May we all stay true to our commitment to the principles upon which our country was founded. May we as a nation be worthy of the blessings God has bestowed upon us. Stay safe.


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