10th Biennial Conference of the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police

Georgia FOP Conference PhotoI am proud to be in Columbus, Georgia with the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police this weekend! In addition to our lodge business, we will hear from seven or eight candidates for attorney general and governor! What a great opportunity for members to ask questions directly to the candidates. The candidates came to the FOP for input and support and we thank them for taking the time to meet with us.

We are also honored to have National FOP President Chuck Canterbury with us. I personally appreciate that he took the time to attend our conference. I am constantly inspired by his tireless efforts on behalf of the FOP members and his ability to lead and inspire others.

If you are an FOP member, I hope to see soon at a state or local event. If you are a LEO and you are not an FOP member, go to www.georgiafop.org or www.grandlodgefop.org and see what you are missing. 308,000 LEOs know that the FOP is a true fraternal order.

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