2016-What’s Your December Plan?

I’ve been a fan of Brian Tracy for many years. He is perhaps best known for his work helping people set and achieve goals. I highly recommend his books and programs but there is one central bedrock of his beliefs: If you want to achieve goals, write them down. So as we begin this new year, I’m asking one question, “What are your goals to achieve as you ring in the new year on December 31, 2016?”

I have a lot of personal goals and goals for my law firm, but the goals I want to share with you regard the state of law enforcement in the United States. I’m fortunate and honored to work with LEOs from all over and speak about law enforcement issues in the media. So here goes!

1. I will continue to focus the light of scrutiny on law enforcement critics who rely upon lies, factoids, and ignorance to slander LEOs and law enforcement agencies.

2. I will continue to stand up for LEOs personally, professionally, and through media opportunities when people seek to trample their due process rights or improperly condemn them.

3. I will continue to educate LEOs at every opportunity about the laws of the use of deadly force and how to protect themselves physically, emotionally, and legally when they do their jobs.

4. I will continue to seek out opportunities to support LEOs and their families when tragedies strike them.

What are your goals? Can you finish the degree you’ve been pursuing? Can you take a training class that will better prepare you to do your job and return home at the end of your shift? Can you work with a group that helps LEOs and their families in times of crisis? Will you finish 2016 in far better physical shape than you are in today? Will you put in place legal protection for your family and yourself through the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan?

Whatever your goals, write them down. Look at them. Place them in a place that forces you to revisit them. Like any other person working every day, setting goals will help you improve your performance. However, LEO goals may very well be different. They will more likely be focused on the realities of a profession under attack based upon falsehoods and ignorance. Your goals are your opportunity to rise above the noise, stay focused, and serve an honorable profession. Stay safe!

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