Beyond the badge..why we care.

This past week, my wife and I were privileged to meet one of America’s heroes. He is a LEO wounded in the line of duty. He is being treated by the professionals at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. As we welcomed him and his family to Atlanta and embraced them during this difficult time, we learned that another LEO arrived at the Shepherd Center this week. As expected, the outpouring of caring and assistance expanded to that LEO as well. The arms of law enforcement are big enough to wrap around any brother or sister in need.

Where does this energy and seemingly endless flow of resources come from? The money comes from the pockets of LEOs. The energy comes from an appreciation and an understanding of what it means to put yourself second and your commitment to your community first. I have met LEOs from all over the world and there seems to be a common bond among us. While critics of law enforcement believe it is some dubious, unwritten code, they could not be more wrong. The job of law enforcement differs little from state to state and town to town. The same is true of the motivation and commitment of LEOs. So it is not surprising that when one of our number falls down, there are hundreds there to help him stand again.

I am fortunate that my mentors in law enforcement taught me that we must look out after each other and that when LEOs do not work well together, only the bad guys win. This week, perhaps a bit more than usual, I was so proud to be part of the LEO family. To our temporary Georgia resident heroes and their families, take care of the business at hand. Let us know if you need anything and most important, rest well at night knowing that you are never alone.

Stay safe.


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