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The preorder link is live! You can order Blue News by clicking here! The profits from Blue News will benefit law enforcement charities.

“Almost daily, in the news there is a report of an officer-involved incident and how the media reports it shapes public opinion,” said Lance LoRusso. “We have seen this firsthand in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, the tragedies in Dallas, and many more. Blue News is designed to explain this interaction between the media and law enforcement, as well as how law enforcement can develop a communications strategy to work with the news media through traditional and social media.”

In Blue News, readers learn how after officer-involved shootings law enforcement agencies work in developing and communicating their message to the media, what happens within law enforcement agencies after an officer-involved shooting while the message that will be communicated to the public is being developed, and the dynamic that drives the news media to cover and report on critical incidents involving law enforcement. The book takes into account the role that social media plays in driving the narratives in officer-involved shootings and its importance as more and more people obtain their information or form opinions from social media.

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