Blue News Release Date is December 16, 2016!

I’m honored to announce the release of my new book, Blue News! Profits from this book will benefit law enforcement charities. Click here for more information!

Blue News provides law enforcement officers and journalists windows into each other’s worlds.

  • What happens inside a law enforcement agency after an officer involved shooting?
  • Why are journalists constantly searching for information sources?
  • How can a law enforcement agency control their message in the media?
  • What drives journalists to report on critical incidents involving law enforcement?
  • How can law enforcement agencies spread positive messages about their efforts?

Here are quotes from just two of the people I interviewed for Blue News:

“One inaccurate story could destroy a career, a job, a life.” Paul Crawley, 36-year veteran reporter

“Saying ‘We are investigating’ and nothing more is not going to cut it anymore.” Col. Ron Replogle, Missouri Highway Patrol, Ret.
I have done over 400 media interviews with FOX News, CNN, NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Radio Russia, and Al Jazeera, as well as many radio stations, television stations, and print media.  Blue News opens the doors to both professions and explains how they work together, the causes of disputes between them, and how to create better relationships. Law enforcement officers, journalists, and those aspiring to enter both professions will gain valuable insights through this book.

Watch my Facebook page, Twitter @bluelinelawyer, Instagram @bluelinelawyer, and LinkedIn for information on preorders! Stay safe!

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