Blue: The Color of Honor

Not for money or thanks, fame or fanfare.  Our nation’s LEOs rise each day focused on a mission to serve and protect.  With a silent prayer for their safe return, their families see them off knowing that their loved ones were called to a profession and nothing could keep them from their sworn duties.

This week we honor all LEOs and remember those who brought to the fight everything they had to give. On that day, at the end of their watch, their commitment and dedication to their communities were not enough. Their training and experience were not enough. So, true to the heart of a warrior, they gave their lives.

Let us take time to pause this week and remember their sacrifices. May we never forget the honor they demonstrated in their last moments. This week and always, we must remember and care for the spouses and children they left behind.

Through our actions and our words, I hope we make them proud as we continue their work here on earth. Share those blue ribbons with friends as well as strangers.  Tell them about our fallen brothers and sisters and the sacrifices they made. Tell the stories of their devotion to their communities. Tell everyone you know how proud we are to be part of this profession and how blue is the color of honor.

Stay safe.

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