Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry: Do You Remember Him?

For me, the death of a LEO in the line of duty is a tragedy. When that death is due to a violent attack, it symbolizes an affront to every principle of freedom and security that we hold dear in the United States. For in our society, LEOs represent the highest level of force and authority we are permitted to put forth against crime and in our efforts to preserve order and protect the public.

On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a firefight with three foreign nationals who fired upon him and other agents knowing they were firing upon LEOs. According to reports, the three foreign nationals were “patrolling” an area of the United States known as Mesquite Seep, Arizona. Let me say that again because it appears this fact is lost in all of the reports in the media. Three foreign nationals were armed inside of the sovereign borders of our country and fired on LEOs. As I stated above, short of the deployment of the United States military, these foreign nationals were faced with the highest level of authority we are able to put forth within the restraints of our Constitution. Brian Terry and his fellow LEOs stood as a representation of our country, our government and all of us. With each pull of the trigger, the perpetrators fired not only at a group of LEOs but at everything our country stands for.

My anger at the failure of the Fast and Furious program is not a secret. I have voiced my opinions in many forums including this blog. I have watched the congressional hearings and followed the vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in civil and criminal contempt of Congress. The issues contained in those hearings and that vote are topics for future blog posts. Today I write about the more pressing issue that seems to be flying under the media radar.

We are a sovereign country. We should have a zero tolerance policy for the presence of armed foreign nationals within our borders. I have no doubt that Canadian and Mexican officials would not tolerate American citizens walking around displaying arms within their borders! In the case of Agent Terry’s death, foreign nationals within our borders fired upon LEOs! They shot at them and killed Agent Terry. Where is the outrage about this in the media? As stated above, the underlying premise that guns are the problem and not the criminal activity at the border is detrimental. The misguided emphasis people are placing upon the “evils” of the firearms at issue in this case is placing LEOs at risk every day. Far from the safety and security of Washington, D.C., LEOs go to work every day in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and other border states facing a real threat of assault from a foreign force. The fact that these attacks are reportedly not sanctioned by the Mexican government is little comfort to these LEOs and their families.

It is time to push for our government to put an end to the sieve that has become our southern border. It is time to put in place a zero tolerance policy to foreign nationals entering our sovereign borders carrying weapons and committing crimes against our citizenry. The immigration crisis on our southern border is more than a news story about a court case. The United States Supreme Court was asked to rule on an Arizona law based upon a lawsuit brought by the United States Department of Justice. Perhaps the federal government should have used those resources to resolve the problem. As to the propriety of state and local LEOs being involved in enforcing our federal immigration laws, you must examine that question in a light not available to the USSC: the very safety and security of our country is at stake. Further, consider this scenario. If a foreign force landed on the shores of Georgia, would you expect state and local LEOs to do nothing? Waiting for the National Guard or other divisions of the United States military to arrive and repel the foreign invaders would not be an option.

Brian Terry and his partners stood fast for all of us. They displayed a badge of office as a line in the sand against all criminal elements. LEOs should not be forced to face attacks from armed foreign nationals. However, that has become part of the mission and daily reality of all LEOs serving near our border. Brian Terry paid with his life for a principle he believed in. In the midst of the current media frenzy, let us all remember him and his family. May God watch over all of our LEOs as they continue to do the job few in our country are willing to perform and even few farther still are willing to acknowledge. Stay safe.

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