Criminal Control: the only viable option in a free society.

Popeye was famous for saying, “That’s all I can stand, ’cause I can’t stand no more!” That’s about where I am right now. I can, from memory, think about shootings that resulted in the murders of a dozen LEOs in the past 24 months. If I searched on the internet, I could name the incidents.

Last week, it happened again and police administrators, politicians and newscasters started screaming for gun control to stop the violence against LEOs. It is a common call to action, sounds good on the news and represents the most misguided waste of resources in history.

My challenge here is to avoid writing a long article. I would love to, but that would mask the simplicity of the solution to this problem. So, for all the politicians, “policy experts” and others who sit behind a desk all day, here is the simple solution. When a person manifests an intent to violate the laws of our states and our country, especially through acts of violence, remove them from society. There is no amount of gun control that will prove more effective and pro gun ownership statutes have undeniably led to a decrease in violent crime. Behind these statistics are thousands of private citizens who are alive because they used a legally owned firearm to protect themselves and their families.

My final thought is directed to LEOs who embrace gun control laws. The very individuals and groups who seek to keep private citizens from owning and carrying firearms do not believe LEOs should possess firearms either. There is one defined group in our country that can be disarmed quickly with the stroke of a legislator’s pen: law enforcement. Think it can’t happen? Look at LEOs in Europe.

Ask a gun control advocate or politician why we cannot keep criminals out of our free society and you will hear, at the root of their argument, that the cost is too high. Keeping our society and citizenry free from the oppressive effects of crime is the constitutional obligation of government. As to the cost, I have been to enough LEO funerals to know the costs. It is cheaper to keep criminals in prison.

Stay safe.

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