From the shadows, to the forefront, to forever….Heroes Never Die.

I will continue my series, Lawsuits Against LEOs, next week for today is a sacred day, 09/11/10.

Nine years ago, a group of cowards killed nearly 3000 people. While all those who perished were not United States citizens, they died on our soil and we honor them. They died with our sisters and brothers, our fathers and mothers, our children and our friends. On 09/11/01, friends and relatives and strangers perished together. Lesson number one is clear: the terrorists did not check passports before they killed.

As with any other crisis, disaster or catastrophe, LEOs and other first responders ran to help. At the end of the day, over 400 first responders gave their lives in their mission to save total strangers along with 55 service members at the Pentagon. The LEOs and firefighters who are normally in the shadows and behind the scenes of society were suddenly in the forefront. Images of first responders driving to the scenes of the three acts of war in Washington, DC, Pennsylvania and New York City filled the television screens. The heroes society counted on answered the call. Hundreds never returned to their children and spouses. Lesson number two is clear: the terrorists destroyed the best our society had to offer in property and people.

Nine years later, we honor the dead. Let us not forget the survivors. I was honored to have breakfast this week with a first responder from the NYPD. He is still suffering. When a LEO dies, society pours out their hearts because the daily sacrifice of law enforcement comes to the forefront. However, many injured first responders are now back in the shadows. We owe it to them to keep them in the public eye. Lesson number three is clear: the terrorists started a wave of suffering that continues today.

As we pause for moments of silence and prayers today, remember those who gave everything they had for their communities. Be proud that you are a member of a proud profession. Resolve that you will never forget the lessons we learned on 09/11/01 or allow anyone else to diminish the impact of those lessons. By doing so, you honor our heroes.

They are gone, but not forgotten. Their sacrifices are ever present in our minds and the examples they set provide a road map for our survival. Terrorists can destroy our buildings and terrorist acts can destroy our lives, but no act of terror will ever destroy our American spirit. Like those who sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War and every war after, like the first responders who give their lives in the service of a higher purpose and like those who inspire us to protect our communities and our country, the LEOs and first responders who lost their lives nine years ago will live forever in our hearts and our prayers for heroes never die.

Stay safe.

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