Given the Choice, I’d Rather be David

We’ve all heard the story of David, the teenager who killed the giant Philistine Goliath with a single stone from his sling. Sometimes we forget the utter fear that Goliath instilled in the Israelites. It’s easy to fear the giants in our lives whether they are real or imagined. However, as every LEO learns in the academy, whatever the challenge, you should never give up!

I’ve been fortunate to be associated with and represent thousands of LEOs who face society’s “giants” every day. Armed robbers, child molesters, DUI drivers, and others pose threats that strike fear in the hearts of citizens. Most people are content to stay in their safe environments and call 911 expecting a LEO to “handle things” and keep them safe. LEOs every day across our country answer those calls and “handle things” that would paralyze the average citizen into 40 days of inaction just as Goliath did to the Israelites.

Sometimes for LEOs, the “giants” are more than just bad guys. Fighting politicians over pay, benefits and equipment, dealing with workers comp after an injury, or criminals being released from prison early can seem insurmountable obstacles. However, just like David, you must form a plan and move forward. You must push fear aside and seek out people who can help you fight like lawyers and others who support your cause.

There is an honor in being selected to protect your communities from “Goliaths.” It is also honorable to stand up for yourselves and your families. Get involved in the political process, do not be afraid to voice your opinions, and stay committed to the cause. Finally, just as with any other struggle, never, ever, ever give up!

Stay safe.

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