Half-mast flags and Half-baked Ideas

It’s easy to grow numb when facing sadness and pain. For months, I have seen flags at half mast, LEOs with bands across their badges, and social media posts of weeping spouses, children, and LEOs in uniform. While the loss of LEOs is something no one, especially those who have ever worn a badge, should accept without emotion, the sheer idiocy of theories and comments makes these losses even harder to take.

I have watched politicians “explain” the renewed violence against LEOs as something for which LEOs must accept some level of responsibility. I have listened to political speeches advocating for giving a voice to the hateful groups who advocate for violence against LEOs. Finally, I have viewed vile, horrific social media posts praising and celebrating the murder and ambushes of LEOs. Yet, the surviving LEOs arrive for their shifts, answer calls for help from strangers, and stay focused even while they bury their dead.

When the notion that attacking LEOs is somehow acceptable or understandable and that notion is palatable to so-called leaders in our cities, states, and the United States, something is wrong. The only way to stop this trend and rising tide of sciolism is for LEOs and their supporters to speak loudly to rise above the din. Hang signs on your businesses, wear shirts, wear buttons, post yard signs, attach bumper stickers to your cars, speak to the press, take to social media, protest, thank every LEO you see, in short, take a stand. Then encourage others to join you.

I tell LEOs every day that the majority of the public supports our nation’s LEOs. Unfortunately, the small percentage that does not and those who advocate for violence against LEOs are more vocal and experience no difficulty capturing the attention of the press. Therefore, LEO supporters must work harder to be heard, but there is strength in your numbers. LEOs across the United States are listening. Let them and our nation hear you. Stay safe.

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