In The Company of Cops

Ever entered a room and felt like you belonged? Look around. When this occurs, you are likely surrounded by quality people who share your ideals, your ethics and your sense of right and wrong. In our society, too often we experience people who practice “situational ethics” meaning their sense of right and wrong varies depending upon the situation in which they find themselves. They look for the gray whenever they must make a decision about how to act. In the company of cops, there are no discussions of situational ethics. There is right and wrong and those standards are applied across a wide variety of situations many of which test the strength of those convictions. Perhaps it is adherence to an oath that keeps LEOs steadfast in their commitment to right and wrong. Perhaps it is their agency guidelines. I tend to believe it is their moral code and commitment to an overriding principle that public service is an honor and that society cannot function without people willing to adhere to standards.

In the company of cops, there are bright lines between right and wrong and little room for gray. It is in their company that I find comfort and stay grounded. We should all find comfort in their efforts to keep our society safe. Welcome them into your communities and your businesses and learn more about the sacrifices they make for strangers. You too may find comfort in their presence. Stay safe.

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