LEOs Are Not Statistics

This weekend, two Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call of a person threatening suicide. Both were shot. One will never come home.

In the coming weeks, you will hear a lot on the news about the person who shot Deputy Mike Norris and Deputy Jeff Wilson. There will be statements about his mental state, the problem with violent mentally ill people around the United States, and probably gun control. However, aside from a few human interest stories, you will hear little about these brave warriors who took an oath, pinned on a badge, and said, “Send me.” That is a sad statement but a reality.

Two Pennsylvania Troopers were shot and one was killed this weekend. Both were walking outside of their barracks. Will the news stories be filled with the accomplishments of Corporal Byron Dickson who was killed or Trooper Alex Douglass who was critically wounded?

Our society is witnessing a lack of caring and respect for those who give of themselves and put their lives on the line for strangers. That is a dangerous path. For if we forget the sacrifices of those who answer the call for service, we will soon find ourselves without protectors. When that occurs, the dangers we fear most will become our reality and part of our daily way of life.

Rest in peace Deputy Norris and Corporal Dickson. As to Deputy Wilson and Trooper Douglass, and all the other LEOs out there, including New Orleans Police Officer Jonathan Smith who was also shot this weekend, may God continue to watch over you and protect you each and every day. Stay safe. 

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