Operation Fast and Furious reaches 50% effectiveness: I’m FURIOUS!

So Eric Holder and the current administration believed it would be a good idea to allow illegal sales of firearms to criminals in the hope that those criminals would sell those illegally purchased firearms to other known criminals in a foreign country who have demonstrated a dedication to violent attacks on LEOs in Mexico and the United States.Instead of making arrests in what would normally be a “buy bust” operation, the criminals across the border are allowed to walk away with the firearms.

When Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is murdered and there is an open question as to whether or not one of the firearms or criminals involved in this asinine operation was responsible for that murder, Mr. Holder’s prosecutors oppose giving Agent Brian Terr’s family crime victim status. According to reports, the federal prosecutors represented their position to the court as follows: “The victim of the offenses is not any particular person, but society in general.” Which offenses? The illegal sales or the decision to provide functional firearms to violent criminals? I find that decision quite offensive! These particular criminals target LEOs! Was Eric Holder so blind that he could not foresee that these criminals would use these weapons during violent attacks on LEOs?

I have been alive long enough to see patterns emerging in public policy and law enforcement. Here’s one pattern. When the enforcement emphasis is on the firearm and not the criminal, the operations fail, public policy loses focus and LEOs get killed. For instance, during the Clinton Administration’s focus on gun control, legitimate firearms dealers were burglarized and crime rates went up. Here is another pattern. When law enforcement efforts are focused on criminals, the public and LEOs are safer and crime goes down.

So, not only has Mr. Holder again misdirected the efforts and resources of law enforcement onto inanimate objects, he is now allowing his employees to fight crime victim status for the family of a victim. He is the United States Attorney General. He is responsible for the policies and actions of his prosecutors and operations that cross international borders. He should take responsibility immediately for this travesty of justice.

Agent Brian Terry and his family should be on a pedestal. He gave his live for our country because he took an oath to stand for the rule of law. His family is entitled to answers and any support they need. I send my personal condolences to his family along with these words: Do not, for a minute, believe that you are alone. I never met Brian, but he was a member of a family. You are now members of that same family.

I have come to enjoy the comments of Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County Az and I hope to meet him someday. His comments on FOX news today were right on the mark. If he participated in a similar law enforcement operation in a neighboring state, he would be held responsible for the consequences if a LEO was shot and killed. Eric Holder is not above the law. He should resign and be held accountable for this debacle.

In closing, I have two thoughts. First- FOCUS ON THE CRIMINAL! If every firearm was an instrument of evil, there would be no order in our society. Second, may God bring comfort on Brian Terry’s family as they pursue the truth and honor his memory and may He protect all of you as you protect all of us.

Stay safe.

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