Public Service Knows No Bounds: the role of LEOs in disasters

As Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the awesome power of nature, we keep those affected in our thoughts and prayers. We expect, as a nation, that our first responders will answer the call of service. Irrespective of the level of destruction, America has come to rely upon the firefighters, EMS personnel and LEOs to be there when we need them.

All across the country, LEOs are reaching out to help. The Fraternal Order of Police is raising funds to help the LEOs affected by Sandy and many departments are sending personnel to help however they can. That is what we do. We support our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

As you watch the footage of LEOs and other first responders helping strangers, remember that many of them have lost their homes. They too have lost everything they have. However, despite the loss of material possessions, they have not lost their commitment to the concept of service before self. As they rescue the stranded, treat the injured and protect the communities in which they serve, many have nowhere to return home and their families are in shelters. They return to each shift, like LEOs and first responders have always done, because they took an oath to do so.

Like the members of our armed forces who serve at home and abroad and are activated in the wake of natural disasters, our first responders rise to the challenges of fatigue, limited resources and increased demands for service. In each of them is the best our country has to offer. They deserve our respect, our support and our commitment to be there when they need us.

May God watch over all of them and keep them away from harm. Stay safe.

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