Seattle Police Officer Video: Everyone is an expert

I have been asked to comment on the recent video of Seattle Police Officer Ian P. Walsh who was attacked in the midst of attempting to effect an arrest on an actively resisting female suspect.

Here is a portion of the email I sent to Bill O’Reilly:

If the Seattle officer had a lawful reason to contact the first woman (black open top), then he acted appropriately. She was actively resisting his lawful efforts to control her. It is clear that she was in control of the situation; she could have put her hands behind her back at any time. However, she chose not to do so. That is, in any jurisdiction, resisting arrest.

As she resisted, she created a dangerous situation for the officer. As she forces the officer to move around to grab her arms, his sidearm is exposed the crowd that gathered. This is the exact situation that has led to officers being disarmed and shot.

The second woman (pink top) came up to the officer and put her hands on him for one reason: obstructing a lawful arrest. At that time, the officer had every right to escalate his use of force as he was now fighting with two people. He struck her one time and stopped her assault. The officer is allowed to use one level of force higher than is used against him. You will notice that the first woman then tried to grab the officer from behind as he then tried to effect the arrest of the second woman.

If you want to see an unlawful use of force, I give you Congressman Etheridge. He put his hands on that student without provocation, refused to release his arm and escalated his assault when he grabbed the student’s neck. The student showed remarkable restraint. The Congressman should be charged with assault and battery.

Wiehl and Guilfoyle are savvy and analytical, but they are unfortunately ignorant about the lawful use of force necessary to effect an arrest. You should have asked a law enforcement trainer to analyze the tape. You and your guests were not prepared to give the type of insightful analysis we have come to expect from you and Fox News.

Stay safe.

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