Special Ops and Street Cops

I consider myself very fortunate to have known many members of elite military units. I always found them to be focused, professional, and unassuming.I didn’t meet them at a formal military event, or a Fourth of July parade. I met them because they were law enforcement officers.

I’ve worked beside and trained in the police academy Army Special Forces soldiers, Army Rangers, Recon Marines, and Navy Seals. Some retired and sought a second career while others were reservists. I was always struck by theirĀ  willingness to focus on the officers around them to help them achieve their potential or emerge as leaders.

This past week, the headlines were filled with media reports of how 1st Lt. Shaye Haver and Capt. Kristen Griest successfully completed Ranger School. People read in awe the physical requirements of the school and heard commentators discuss that as physically grueling as the school can be, those who pass must demonstrate a high level of mental toughness and endurance. So it is with the training of warriors. There is no trophy for second place.

With all the talk of LEOs being “guardians” as opposed to “warriors” I often wonder if the people who spout such nonsense have ever been inside a police academy. The halls are filled with the pictures and stories of those who gave their lives in service to their communities. The students are taught about the dangers they face on a regular basis and learn the high price of being unprepared.

Law enforcement does not need to train LEOs to be warriors, for the warriors who protect us on a volunteer basis through our military are already among our ranks. They are not there to prove anything. They have done that and have the medals to prove it. They are called to continue to serve and serve they do, with honor and distinction. They make law enforcement stronger, they make our communities safer, and we all benefit from their presence.

Stay safe.

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