The Grand Jury’s Decision Regarding Officer Darren Wilson

This evening, a St. Louis County, Missouri grand jury released its decision regarding the August 9, 2014 officer involved shooting (OIS) in Ferguson, MO involving City of Ferguson Police Officer Michael Brown and the death of Michael Brown. The grand jury began hearing evidence on August 20, 2014.

The grand jury heard from any person who advised they had information regarding this OIS. The grand jury met 25 times in three months. The grand jury considered five charges the district attorney proposed may have been appropriate. Following two days of deliberation, the grand jury decided that there is no probable cause to support any charges Officer Darren Wilson.

It is clear that this grand jury process was deliberate, comprehensive, and a fair review of the evidence. Hopefully, people will accept the fact that the grand jury process is intended to provide an independent review of evidence and allow for cases to proceed to trial only when probable cause exists to support criminal charges. Officer Darren Wilson, like any other person accused of a crime, was entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Please remember the LEOs who are on duty tonight in Ferguson, MO and everywhere protecting their communities. They face risks and threats that most cannot imagine, especially if they have never worn a badge.

Officer Darren Wilson went to work on August 9, 2014 because he took an oath. He spent the day enforcing the law and responding to calls for help. His life turned upside down that day and like most LEOs who use deadly force in the line of duty, his life will never be the same. Stay safe.

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