The Public Safety Employer-Employee Safety Act passed the US House!!

The Public Safety Employer-Employee Safety Act also passed the House during the Bush administration. Contrary to the rumors, this law provides three critical points that should provide for broad support:

*This Bill prohibits Strikes and concerted work actions.
*The Bill calls for states to pass their own laws.
*The Bill provides a method of resolving differences in the bargaining process.

I would like to make a few comments from my perspective.

First, professional LEOs do not support strikes or any action that would endanger the public. We became LEOs to protect the public. The FOP represents LEOs exclusively. No other organization that seeks to represent LEOs in collective bargaining nationwide can make that claim.

Second, the police chiefs and sheriffs who are concerned about this bill should learn more about it. Do not get your information second hand. Speak to agency heads who collectively bargain with the FOP. In fact, contact the FOP in your area or contact me and I will provide the facts-not the hype.

Third, I am honored to know and have great relationships with many agency heads. They treat their employees fairly and share common goals with their troops- Serve faithfully, Serve honorably and Come home at the end of your shift. Unfortunately, I have witnessed deplorable behavior by some agency heads. From abuse of power to political games, many LEOs go to work afraid of their own chain of command and that is unacceptable to me.

Finally, I believe this bill will pass. That will provide an opportunity for police chiefs, sheriffs and line officers to work together to draft state statutes that will satisfy the federal requirements. Imagine that! Don’t tell anyone, but that sounds like collective bargaining.

Stay safe.

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