The Roundtable: Modern Day Knights Making a Difference

I was honored recently to be invited to attend a roundtable for firearms instructors in the Metro Atlanta area. Senior instructors from attended representing state, local and private departments. We exchanged ideas on training philosophies, training techniques, and research. This was a free flowing conversation of equals sharing successes and frustrations as well as goals for the future. We also watched several videos of officer involved shootings to address how our training must adapt to the real world experiences of the LEOs on the street.

In medieval times, knights were more than just protectors; they were a symbol of protection. Today’s LEOs occupy the same role. Like King Arthur’s famed round table where all were viewed as equal, this meeting reminded all of us how law enforcement firearms instructors exist to ensure that the public is protected from danger and to do everything possible to bring our LEOs home at the end of their shifts.The threats to LEOs are growing in both number and intensity as this video shows.

For my part, I added my own perspective. LEOs must prepare for a deadly threat. They must also prepare for the events that follow. Join the Fraternal Order of Police and sign up for the FOP Legal Defense Plan. For about $250 per year, you can obtain access to a potentially unlimited fee legal defense plan. I know how devastating the investigations and lawsuits can be after an officer involved shooting. You must protect yourself and this program is a simple solution. This is the reason I wrote When Cops Kill:the aftermath of a critical incident.

I encourage all instructors to organize such an event. I was humbled by the invitation to participate and hope my contribution was worthy of the group. Meeting with these instructors, I was reassured that our community and our LEOs are in good hands. Stay safe.

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