The True Thin Blue Line

In Hollywood, the thin blue line is a label ascribed to a conspiracy among LEOs when the bad guy in a movie is a cop. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Citizens are seeing the real thin blue line in action in Pennsylvania. On September 12, 2014, Corporal Byron Dickson was murdered and Trooper Alex Douglass was shot outside of a state patrol barracks. They were part of a disturbing trend in the United States evidenced by LEOs being attacked randomly simply because they were wearing the uniform.

The true thin blue line is strong and easy to see in Canadensis, PA. LEOs from multiple agencies are scouring the woods looking for a murderer. They are working with little sleep in perhaps the most dangerous environment possible. They are in the woods looking for a man who planned an armed attack, is still armed, and likely planned his response to this manhunt.

The true meaning of the thin blue line is the fact that LEOs form a line between order and anarchy. The attack on these troopers was an attack on order in our society. The coward perpetrator sought to strike fear in all LEOs and their families. If LEOs chose to yield to that fear, the streets would not be patrolled, warrants would not be executed, courts would not function, and eventually, our society would break down. Instead, LEOs gather to bring this killer to justice to maintain order and the safety of our society.

The thin blue line is formed and maintained by brave and dedicated LEOs who risk their lives to protect strangers and our way of life. Fortunately, it is strong. Stay safe.

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