Tracking Down Fugitives-because it is rude not to appear in court!

LEOs in Maine recently apprehended a convicted rapist who was on the run for 34 years. 34 YEARS!! Most LEOs working today were not working 34 years ago, and some were not alive 34 years ago! As an aside, a friend of mine said it was time for him to retire when he had been a sworn LEO longer than the recruits in his department had been on this earth!

Perhaps this convicted rapist, Gary Allen Irving, thought that the LEOs involved in the investigation, capture and prosecution of his rapes and kidnappings retired and moved on with their lives. Like most criminals he underestimated the dedication, skill, and perseverance of American law enforcement.

Not surprisingly, this fugitive was unlawfully in possession of numerous firearms. No new laws needed in this regard. As a fugitive and a convicted felon, the law prohibits him from owning any type of a firearm. If you follow this blog, it is the right of his neighbors to be armed that I support with every fiber of my being. They will rest a bit easier thanks to the efforts of the brave LEOs who collected the trash in their neighborhood.

This case is a reminder to all LEOs about the unknown dangers they face every day. I would be hard pressed to believe that this fugitive never had any contact with law enforcement throughout those 34 years on the run through a traffic stop, motor vehicle crash, or witness statement. Thank God he didn’t choose to take the first shot.

While I doubt Emily Post ever devoted a chapter to this, it is just plain rude to not show up when a court requests your presence. How nice of these LEOs to transport him to his appointment! I guess we can add “enforcers of etiquette rules” to the job duties of the average LEO! Stay safe.



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