Training At Full Speed

I was honored to attend a multi-agency active shooter exercise this past weekend at Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, Georgia. The drill was two years in the making and involved fire, EMS, 911, EMA, the Georgia Defense Force, private security and LEOs from at least seven law enforcement agencies. From a bird’s eye view, I heard radio traffic and watched officers respond to a realistic scenario complete with multiple victims displaying moulaged injuries. We then watched rescue teams evacuate the injured while LEOs secured the scene and began the investigation process.

Readers of this blog and anyone who has ever attended a seminar when I addressed the group is familiar with my stance on training. Training is time consuming, expensive and invaluable. There is simply no substitute for training especially on this scale. The next time you hear someone complain about the price of training, remember this exercise and think of the lives saved and lessons learned. We must all be advocates for realistic and advanced training. When LEOs work together, those who seek to do harm will always be outmatched. Stay safe.


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