Training Records and You: Don’t get caught short

It’s that time again! As we approach the holidays and the end of the calendar year is just a few weeks away, it is time to make sure that you have completed sufficient training to maintain your certification and arrest powers!

In Georgia, each peace officer has the obligation to obtain adequate annual training and ensure that POST receives proof of those hours. However, LEOs in every state, should monitor their training records to make certain that all training is documented.

The ramifications in Georgia are clear. If you do not have sufficient hours and training by December 31 of each year, you will lose your arrest powers on January 1. New POST rules require POST to send a letter to your agency and the prosecutors in your jurisdiction advising that you do not have arrest powers due to insufficient training. Not a good thing to have in your personnel file!

So take the time TODAY to check your records. Log onto the Officer Records system at Georgia POST. If you find that some of your training is not listed on your records, contact POST asap! They are good folks who will help you add the training to your profile.

Each year, we read about LEOs and agencies with training deficiencies. It can be very embarrassing for both parties. Stay ahead of this issue. If you find that you lost your arrest powers or need help getting your certification back on track, feel free to contact me. We’ve helped many LEOs resolve issues with POST. Of course that help is easier on the wallet if you become part of the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan!

After you review your profile, plan ahead to see what training you want and need for 2014. There are great classes available. Map out a plan and you can accomplish two objectives. First, you will enhance your career and knowledge. Second, you will know well in advance that your 2014 obligations will be met. Stay safe.


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