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When Cops Kill: The Aftermath of a Critical Incident takes you through an officer involved shooting and the years after.

  • What does it mean to be sued as a law enforcement officer?
  • What will happen during the internal affairs investigation?
  • Should you speak with the homicide division?
  • Will the state licensing agency investigate as well?
  • How will you handle the media coverage and public attention?

Lance removes the fear of the unknown and replaces that fear with the power that comes from knowledge and understanding. In the Foreword National President Fraternal Order of Police Chuck Canterbury says, “This book provides a law enforcement perspective written by someone who has walked in our shoes. I plan to recommend it to all law enforcement professionals as required reading.”

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All profits will benefit law enforcement charities!

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“I am a retired Law Enforcement Major with 31 years of experience working in all divisions of the agency, including many years as a Swat Team member and Commander then ending my career as a Regional Academy Director. The book kept me interested and I felt the material to be on point with all stages of my career. Officers could benefit from reading the book because it contains some legal steps and guided information dealing with lethal force situations from start to finish. To me this is necessary survival information for those currently working in the field. The material is very factually structured and would also be helpful for potential officers trying to decide to choose a Law Enforcement career. Therefore I highly recommend the book to other officers and anyone who wants to possess a better knowledge of the firearms use of force arena, especially throughout an officer involved shooting situation.”
– Hansell Walraven Jr.

“Lance LoRusso knows what he is writing about from a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience. When he served as a law enforcement officer along beside me he was the consummate professional officer, and now he is a highly sought after and successful attorney who represents law enforcement officers in a multitude of actions and cases. LoRusso has been there and done that and he needs a warehouse for the t-shirts he has earned. Every aspect of the officer involved shooting has been adequately, clearly, and simply explained. This book is highly recommended.
– Harry D. Hammock

“I have been in law enforcement for approximately ten years and I’ve worked in several different assignments. I recently purchased this book as I found the topic interesting and believed it to be relevant for modern law enforcement. However, the material presented went beyond my expectations as it was a comprehensive review of many facets of critical incidents and provided valuable guidance on how to navigate these dynamic moments. I was unable to put the book down until I finished the last page. I immediately called a fellow officer and covered some of the material including new things I had learned which would greatly assist any officer in a critical incident. Not only is this book a must read for any current LEO… I believe this book should be required reading for every peace officer during their initial law enforcement training, either at the academy or in field training”.
– Darin Hull

I recommend When Cops Kill for all law enforcement professionals and attorneys who represent them. Over the past eighteen (18) years I have represented approximately 65 law enforcement officers who were involved in duty related shooting incidents.  The experience can be incredibly stressful and unpleasant.  An officer or deputy should not be subjected to the post-incident investigative process without the assistance of legal counsel.  When Cops Kill , by Lance LoRusso, is a thorough and comprehensive review of problems and issues which confront law enforcement professionals who have been involved in a duty related shooting.  The author addresses such topics as media issues, investigative interviews, counseling and family issues, legal consequences and relationships with attorneys and fellow officers.  Despite the seriousness of the topics, the book is interesting, optimistic and an “easy read.”
– Richard Hattendorf, NC FOP State Counsel

“Well written and researched, easy to read and understand, “When Cops Kill” is a great set of guideposts for Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) for that day when he/she may hear the question read to them, “Do You Understand Your Rights?” Attorney Lance LoRusso, “The Blue Line Lawyer,” reminds the reader of the reality of today’s world and the chances that an officer may find himself defending his actions in a court of law. No one is better qualified to have produced this “Guidepost” than the author, who has made it his life’s goal to support those in The Blue Line. From my view as a retired prosecutor who has sent many “bad guys” to prison and even death row for injuring or killing LEOs [and one case of sending a LEO to prison for killing a “bad guy”], “When Cops Kill” is a worthwhile and “must read” for those in law enforcement. This book will give officers some sense of relief that they have prepared themselves for going back out on the streets . . .
– Jack Mallard, Former Prosecutor & Author
“This book is a MUST READ for every police and law enforcement officer. The book contains a wealth of information that every officer needs to know, but is never taught in the academy. The information contained in this book is critical to an officer’s survival, following an officer involved shooting or any other critical incident. This book provides information on, not only winning the encounter, but how to survive emotionally, physically, financially, and professionally following one of these critical incidents. As an investigator who works officer involved shootings, I often see officers who are involved in critical incidents and are not mentally prepared for the aftermath. From one officer to another, I highly recommend reading this book before you find yourself in one of these situations, not knowing what to do or what to expect. Being mentally prepared in advance will help to relieve some of the stress, that you are certain to experience, during one of the most critical times of your career. I will be recommending this book to every officer in my agency.”
– Jonnie M. Moeller
“This is an excellent book for the individual law enforcement officer BUT should be required reading in every law enforcement academy class in the country. LoRusso has put together the best blueprint for officers to prepare themselves for when these incidents occur. After reading the book I contacted members of my agencies IA unit and of another local agencies OPS and encouraged them to purchase and read “When Cops Kill.” My local FOP lodge now has a policy that when an officer/member is involved in a critical incident, the FOP will provide that officer with a copy of Lance’s book. Great job Lance and thanks for your continued support to the Noble Cause.”  -GeorgiaCop
“I am a police officer who was involved in an incident where I had to take the life of a suspect involved in multiple armed robberies. We are trained to handle this type of situation, but we are never prepared for what happens after. I knew what I had done was the right thing, but I had a difficult time dealing with the idea that I had taken a husband, father, brother, etc from this earth. I met with a counselor on a regular basis, which helped, but I was still struggling with how to feel. At one particular visit, my counselor brought in an officer from a different department who had been in a similar situation and he presented me with this book. Eager to sort out my thoughts and emotions, I began reading. As I read story after story from officers and the emotional roller coasters they dealt with, I realized I was not the only one. This book helped me realize that what I was feeling was normal and there would be a time when the dreams would come less frequently and my daily thoughts wouldn’t turn to the chase and the motions I went through as I pulled my service weapon, took aim, and fatally wounded a stranger. As far as the aftermath, I had no idea what the process was going to be like. This book outlines every detail of what will come from an investigative perspective. It starts with the day of the incident all the way through to trial with every possible scenario and what to expect. I recommended to my chief for all of our officers to read this book and I strongly recommend to any law enforcement officer to take the time to read it as well.”
– A Police Officer
A MUST read for supervisors! Not only is this a “must read” for LEOs, it’s a must read for their Supervisors as well. Supervisors must be in a position to not only know what the officer has experienced after an OIS, they must be completely knowledgeable as to the officers constitutional rights. This book fully explains both. I have had the occasion to speak with Mr. LoRusso and he is very passionate and knowledgeable in this subject matter. I have and will be using it as a reference. – Lem Miller
When Cops Kill is the ultimate handbook for the law enforcement shooting. As we all prepare for duty we study and train for the worst. This books prepares you how to mentally and emotionally deal with the aftermath of a critical incident.
– Chris Allen, ATF Agent & President of Hunting For Heroes
My only regret with this book is I wish it had been around when I started my Law Enforcement career. In this book Lance LoRusso has taken an unknown that many officers find frightening and exposed it – answering the questions “Legally, what can I expect and what steps should I take following a duty related critical incident(shooting, etc).” Laying it out in an easy to understand and personal way (the author was a cop for 10 years), Lance LoRusso has thoroughly broken down, in detail, one of the biggest fears that LEO’s face today. A mixture of law, testimony, and personal experience, LoRusso clearly has a passion for Law Enforcement and protecting the men and women who selflessly put their lives on the line for their communities day in and day out. This should be required reading for all LEO’s regardless of rank or years of service. Arm yourself with knowledge. Buy this book (and benefit Law Enforcement charities in the process). – Stuart Jones

As a retired law enforcement officer I wish this book had been publish years earlier. The book answers numerous questions about what happens emotionally, procedurally and legally after an officer involved shooting. When Cops Kill is a great read and will prepare the officer with the knowledge and insight to deal with a critical incident of this nature. This book should be required reading for all new law enforcement officers, as well as, supervisors and chiefs. – Tony Wheeler

I am recommending When Cops Kill to all of my Law Enforcement Command College students. As an attorney who has represented, counseled and taught Law Enforcement Agencies and their Management for more than 22 years, I recommend Lance LoRusso’s When Cops Kill as a must-read for officers and their managers. Though principally-written from the perspective of an attorney who customarily represents the Law Enforcement Officers in administrative actions brought by their managers, this book presents a detailed, well-balanced and timely exposition on the forces, influences and needs of a law enforcement professional involved in use of lethal force. It is insightful, and thorough, passionate and objective. Lance ‘s writing style is conversational rather than stilted or “lawyerly.” LoRusso clearly understands the vernacular of the police rank and file because –besides being a top-notch lawyer representing officers and their unions — he is himself a cop. From his own experience as an LEO, and from the experiences of many of his Law Enforcement Officer friends and clients, Lance is able to distill and accurately describe the psychological and emotional forces that are at play and that can prevent an officer from providing the most accurate account of the incident in the hours immediately following a critical incident. He suggests realistic and meaningful safeguards that will allow such incidents to be thoroughly and objectively investigated, while allowing the officer sufficient time to psychologically process the events and permit the post-incident effects of adrenaline overload to recede in order to provide an accurate account of the incident. He provides helpful concrete rules for officers to follow when they become subjects of administrative investigations, or defendants in criminal or civil cases. Law Enforcement Administrators who read this book will find information that is invaluable to them in crafting agency policies, practices procedures, and training that ensure both justice and fairness to all involved in critical incidents. -Michael Caldwell, Esq.

Price is $19.95 plus shipping. 
All profits will benefit law enforcement charities!

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