Standing up for Law Enforcement

When your badge is threatened, or if you’re injured on or off duty, it’s vital that you tell your story, in the right way, at the right time. It’s never a time to go it alone. We are proud to represent first responders and their families because, as a former police officer, Lance comes from your roots. And understands the risks you face to your safety, your career, and sometimes your freedom by simply fulfilling your sworn duties. We would be honored to stand up for you – because we know you stand up for us.

Can We Help You?

Have you been involved, on duty or off duty, in an automobile or tractor-trailer accident?

Whether you were on or off duty, a wreck can seriously affect your ability to work, support yourself and your family, and enjoy your limited time off. We will evaluate your specific case to determine if we can help you get through this difficult time.

Were you hit by a commercial vehicle like a dump truck, bus, moving truck, or delivery truck?

Drivers and owners of commercial vehicles have specific obligations above and beyond the normal driver. They must inspect those vehicles daily, ensure that the drivers are properly qualified and able to drive, and use additional caution due to the size and weight of the vehicle. We know the unique regulations and laws that apply to them and will hold them responsible.

Have you been involved in a shooting, in-custody death or other critical incident?

We have represented law enforcement officers and other public safety personnel in over eighty shootings, in-custody deaths, and other critical incidents. Each is unique and carries with it concerns for discipline, civil liability, and the potential for criminal charges. We recognize the stress these cases have on you, the department, and your family. We work to get you and your family through the process, protect your rights, and ensure that you are treated fairly. I wrote a book on this very topic to educate public safety personnel after a shooting.

Have you been written up, suspended, demoted, or fired?

Whether you are right or wrong, you deserve to be treated fairly and in a professional manner. We handle these cases on a regular basis and will help you navigate through the process to work towards the best possible outcome.

Are you the subject of an HR, internal affairs or OPS investigation?

Every investigation is serious. You should seek legal representation and be prepared for every interview and inquiry. You have rights and should receive all legal due process afforded to you under the law and the policies of your agency.

Have you resigned while under investigation or been forced to resign?

If you’ve made this decision, there will be consequences for your certification and career. We handle a lot of these cases and can explain the options available to help you move forward.

Have you been paid incorrectly or not paid for all your time?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 is a law that ensures employees are properly paid for the hours worked, and it applies to government agencies. If you work, you must be paid. If you work hours over a set number, you must be paid time and a half or premium pay. Contact us if you believe you are not being paid properly.

Have you been served with a lawsuit regarding your law enforcement duties?

A lawsuit concerning your work can be scary. However, the law affords you with a lot of defenses and in many cases, you cannot be sued individually. We work with your agency, your agency’s legal department, the government’s insurance company, and your personal insurance company to protect your career and your personal assets.

Have you received a notice from POST regarding your certification?

Every POST investigation is serious. Any sanction against your peace officer or other certifications can affect your career. If your certification is revoked, you may have difficulty obtaining any other state license like a teaching certificate or real estate license. We typically have about thirty of these cases in our office on any given day. Let us help you through this process and work to safeguard the certification you worked so hard to obtain.

Are you trying to get your POST certification back?

Sometimes LEOs lose their certificates due to errors in judgment or misconduct. Other times, we have seen LEOs lose them due to administrative errors or poor advice. We are familiar with the process to seek reinstatement of your POST certificate and will work with you to decide if reinstatement is an option, what should be presented to POST during any effort to seek reinstatement, and to present the best case possible before POST.

If ANY of the above are true about your case, please call us immediately.


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