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When you are facing a crisis it is never a time to go it alone. Life can be changed or lost in an instant. At LoRusso Law Firm we use our expertise and tenacity to protect your career and  hold the negligent accountable. Whether you are a first responder facing the aftermath of an on-duty shooting or other use of force incident, undergoing an investigation with IA/OPS, trying to protect your professional license, or recovering from serious injuries from a car or tractor trailer wreck, we understand the challenges you face physically, emotionally and financially.

Our team meets your challenges with years of experience, extensive knowledge of the law, and a commitment to guide you and your family through the crisis.

Meet Lance LoRusso

When your badge is threatened, or if you’re injured on or off duty, it’s vital that you tell your story, in the right way, at the right time. It’s never a time to go it alone.


I’m proud to represent first responders and their families because, as a former police officer, I come from your roots. I understand the risks you face to your safety, your career, and sometimes your freedom by simply fulfilling your sworn duties.

"I would be honored to stand up for you - because I know you stand up for us."

- Lance LoRusso

Meet Lance

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Front Line Stories

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Lessons: Use of Force Incidents Caught on Video

You cannot open social media without finding the newest video of LEOs using force – in many cases deadly force. The clips range from a few seconds to a few minutes. They seem to spread…

Casual Conversations, Formal consequences!

More often than not, when a LEO is “under investigation,” the entire agency knows about it! Let’s face it, as a profession we’re are good at respecting the privacy rights of the public, but “scoop”…

I don’t need an attorney yet . . . do I?

You receive a letter that you are under investigation. “I don’t need a lawyer yet. I will just see what this is about.” You go through the interview and it is pretty intimidating. “I don’t…

Training Until The Lights Go Out

In every training class, we see varying levels of abilities. Some folks are able to grasp the concepts of defensive tactics, vehicle operations or firearms immediately while others require additional assistance, guidance and instruction. Likewise,…

First Responders and Car Insurance

The most dangerous task of first responders is . . . driving.  In addition to helping first responders with critical incidents, disciplinary or termination appeals, and licensing issues, we also help if you are catastrophically…

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